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How to Use Trader Alerter

1 Background

Every day at TraderAlerter we scan thousands of US Companies on all the major exchanges to find the small number that are doing something "significant" that we may need to take a closer look at. The first step is to eliminate all the equities that are not liquid enough to invest in based on proprietary criteria that includes volume, price, market capitalization and volatility. This gives us our "liquid universe".
The next step is to apply a sophisticated set of filters to find the equities that are doing something significant right now such as moving up or down rapidly, increasing in volume or volatility, gapping at the open etc. Once we find these "movers and shakers" we can then apply the other rating criteria which includes fundamental analysis, sentiment analysis, and finally catalytic event analysis.
The end result of all this analysis, number crunching and filtering is that we throw out the junk so you can focus right down to the handful of suitable companies that are the best trading and investing opportunities we can find right now. All this analysis is distilled into the SMART Score like in the gauge you see below in the next section.
In case you were wondering, SMART stands for Stock Market Analysis ReporT, and was developed by Paul King, PMKing Trading LLC.

2 The SMART Score

The example company IBN has a SMART Score of -72 which is quite negative aned means long positions should be covered and possibly a short position entered depending on the nature of the catalytic event and the risk:reward ratio.The SMART Score is the distillation of all the sophisticated analysis into one simple number. All companies are rated between -100 (very negative) and +100 (very positive). Most of the companies in our universe are rated between +50 and -50 which means "nothin doin" and we can safely ignore them. For the ones that show up as "something going on" we have different actions to take depending on the score and what the catalytic event is that has caused the price to move significantly. All this important information is explained in the associated SMART Alert that is published every time we have something interesting going on (see next section below).

3 The SMART Alert

The header of the report is where you find the company name (Trinity Industries in this case), the ticker symbol (TRN) and the date the SMART Alert ocurred. Under the company name is the industry and sector it belongs to. In this case the sector is Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and the industry within the sector is Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing.The SMART Alert is a detailed 1-page report that is designed to keep everything as simple as possible while at the same time telling you exactly what action shouldbe taken (if any). A full-size detailed description of the SMART Alert is shown on the "Help" page link on the main menu above. The report is split into 6 main sections: Header, Business Description, Summary, Score, Recommended Actions, and Footer.


The header contains information about what company has the alert, what date the alert was published, and what industry and sector the company is in.


The business description gives a detailed summary of exactly what products and services the company deals with.


The summary outlines whether each of the 4 areas (Technical, fundamental, sentiment, and catalytic event) are positive, negative, or neutral for the comany.


The core section is where the current SMART Score for the company is shown along with what this means regarding actions to take


The actions section specifically describes how you should alter your portfolio based on the current SMART Score.


The footer shows exactly when the SMART Alert was generated and published.
The Business Description section gives a detailed overview of what the business of the company is so you can see how it fits within the industry. It includes what the businesses main products and services include and who the main customers are.
The Summary is broken down into 4 main sections which go into making up the SMART Score.
The sections are:
  • Technical
  • Fundamental
  • Sentiment
  • Catalytic Event

The technical focusses main on recent price, volume, and volatility. The fundamental on where the company sits within its industry. The sentiment is based on recent online financial sites, blogs and social media articles. The catalytic event is based on recent corporate actions, announcements, news items or other events relating to the company specifically. Each area is rated as positive, negative, or neutral as indicated by the green triangle, red triangle, or grey square respectively.
The SMART Score section gives the company a current rating between -100 and +100. If the score is between -50 and +50 it is considered "neutral" and generally no SMART Alerts are generated in this range so you can easily ignore the noise and the thousands of companies where nothing unusual is going on. Each score range is described to the right of the actual score gauge so you know exactly what action to take. The relevant area in the action table on the right is highlighted (Below -65% Short Sell in this case) which is telling you that TRN has a negative score that means it is a good candidate for a short sale because it is expected that the price could drop further..
The Recommended Action section tells you exactly what the appropriate action to take right now is. SMART Alerts generally have a useful life of only a few days since conditions change so rapidly so it is important the you either act on the alert immediately (ideally the same day, but at least within a couple of days) or not at all.
The footer section has information about specifically when this alert was generated and uploaded to TraderAlerter and also tells you how many pages are in the alert (typically 2 since they are designed to be a 1-page summary plus a disclaimer page)

4 Trader Alerter Settings

On the Settings page you can change your name and password, and change the options for which email alerts you currently receive from Trader Alerter. You can also see your current Alert balance and there is a link to buy more alerts if your balance is getting low.Trader Alerter has been designed to be a simple as possible so there are only a few settings you can actually change. The normal ones like name and password are self-explanatory. The most important settings are the 2 for the kinds of email alerts you are receiving (assuming your alert balance is not zero). You can choose to have the SMART Alerts emailed to you as soon as they are published. Also you can shoose whether you want to receive the weekly summary of all SMART Alerts for that week which is normally sent on Friday after the close. It is important to note that since email is not guaranteed delivery and there are many reasons that sometime emails do not get delivered in a timely manner we recommend you visit Trader Alerter web site at least once per day to check for new SMART Alerts anyway. We plan on launching a smartphone app in the near future so there will be another method of receiving your SMART Alerts via notifications right on your phone but until that happens checking in every day is a sensible thing to do so you do not miss any alerts.

5 Your Alerts History

On the Alerts page you can see your full history of all SMART Alerts you have received and Alerts you have purchased.The alerts history page is where you can access all the past alerts you have recieved and also see your alert purchase transactions. All previous SMART Alerts can be accessed by clicking on the pdf icon. There are also links for you to purchase the detailed SMART Reports if they are available (see next section below).

6 Buying More Alerts and Purchasing SMART Reports

As long as your Alert balance is positive, you will continue to receive all SMART Alerts (either via email if you have set that option) or by logging on to the Trader Alerter web site. You can see your current alert balance by going to the Settings page or the Alerts page. If your alert balance is zero you will no longer be able to see the latest SMART Alerts and will not receive any SMART Alert emails, although you will continue to be able to access and previous SMART Alerts from the Alerts page as normal. To purchase more Alerts simply use the links on the Alerts or the Settings page under the gauge. Purchased Alerts do not expire or have a time-limit so you are guaranteed to receive the next set of SMART Alerts whenever they occur. Purchasing Alerts in advance like this is significantly cheaper than purchasing the "pay per pdf" version directly from pmkingtrading.com. For example, if you purchase 100 alerts for $59.99, the same 100 SMART Alert pdfs purchased individually would cost you $199 so that represents a whopping 70% savings.
If the SMART Score for a company is above 80 or below -80 then generally a corresponding SMART Report is produced which is a 6-page in-depth analysis of that particular company. These reports are available on a pay-per-report basis for $4.99 and the purchase link will be on the Alerts page for any company that has a SMART Report. More information about SMART Reports can be found on pmkingtrading.com. Due to the value of the in-depth analysis in each SMART Report, PMKing Trading LLC reserves the right to significantly increase the cost of SMART Reports purchased directly on the pmkingrading.com website for any customer who is not a Trader Alerter user. For Trader Alerter users who have a positive alert balance the price for SMART Reports will remain at $4.99.

7 Getting More Help

Please remember to add support@traderalerter.com to your email "not spam" list, or whitelist traderalerter.com in your email settings, or create a rule that marks our emails as "important" otherwise you may not receive your alert emails. If you have any questions, need more help, have questions about trading in general or Trader Alerter specifically then feel free to email us at support@traderalerter.com or call us at 450 305 1217. We love to hear from all our customers :)

8 Disclaimer and Boring Legal Stuff

Please see the Disclaimer page for some warnings and other legal things regarding the use of the Trader Alerter service. Again we must reiterate that email is not guaranteed delivery and you are advised to visit traderalerter.com every day to check for new alerts.
Stock Market Analysis Report (SMART) is a service mark of PMKing Trading LLC.
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