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What is the frequency of SMART Alerts and SMART Reports?

Because SMART Alerts and SMART Reports are based on multiple factors and there are thousands of equities in the TraderAlerter universe, the frequency of Alerts and Report will vary over time depending on market conditions.
On average there will be approximately 1 SMART Alert per calendar day, so the 100 Alerts Package for $59.99 should cover about 3 calendar months.
The SMART Reports that signal additions to the SMART Trader Portfolio occur, on average, twice per week, which would give us approximately 100 positions per calendar year.
Please note that the frequency of SMART Alerts and SMART Reports depends on prevailing market conditions, and nothing in the TraderALerter algorithm or system is designed to artificially create a particular signal frequency.
This is the reason we charge for a certain number of alerts rather than a monthly or annual subscription so you only pay for what you receive, rather than having some periods where there are many signals and some where there are few.

How exactly is the SMART Score calculated?

The actual calculation of the SMART Score is proprietary and is based on extensive research and real-life portfolio management over the last 10 years.
The 4 main inputs to the score are:
1. Technical price and volume action which includes 10 separate metrics that look at price moves, volatility changes and volume changes over different time periods.
2. Fundamental strength or weakness within the industry including an evalution of 6 key fundamental factors such as current assets and liabilities, dividends, institutional ownership and long term debt.
3. News and article sentiment both historically and over the last 24 hours.
4. Recent catalytic event that has contributed to the recent significant move in price.
The first 3 are systematic and contribute different proportions to the score depending on their relative importance. The last one is discretionary, and is based on an evalutaion of the significance of the catalytic event.
All this analysis gives us s SMART Score for a particular company right now between -100% and 100%, which in turn tells us the exact action to take, whether to add the position to your portfolio, or how to manage an existing position you already have in the company.

Which of the SMART Reports should I purchase and enter a position in?

SMART Reports are only produced when we get the strongest signals to enter a long or short position since the SMART Score is greater than +80% or below -80%.
If you are following the SMART Report Portfolio for your own account then it depends on whether you are taking only the long signals (if it is a retirement account for example) or all signals.
We recommend that you implement the SMART Report Portfolio in a margin account so you can take all the signals. If you are the kind of investor that prefers to have a consistent and detailed reason why you are in a particular postion then it is a good idea to purchase the SMART Report for every position you enter.
In this way you will have the analysis and explanation regarding why you are in the position so if you find that it is difficult to hold positions through the inevitable losing periods you have the detailed analysis to help you maintain confidence and continue to accurately manage the portfolio.

What kind of trader or investor is TraderAlerter for?

SMART Alerts tell you something significant is going on in a particular company right now and this is independent of your investment horizon or trading style.
Whether you are a short-term day trader, a medium-term swing trader, or a long-term investor, the SMART Alert tells you that at the very least you should take a close look at this company right now to see if any changes need to be made to your portfolio or trading system.
The SMART Report portfolio is not a short-term portfolio since the holding period is months rather than hours or days, and there are approximately 100 position per calendar year so it is not "high frequency".
Therefore the SMART Reports are more suitable for medium-to-long-term traders and investors rather than day traders.

If you had to sum up TraderAlerter in just four words what would they be?

Filter out the 99.9% of companies that are just noise at the moment.
Forget about all the daily distractions wasting your time.
Focus on the handful of stocks that are making significant moves.
Follow the SMART Report portfolio to maximize your returns.

What is TraderAlerter On Demand?

TraderAlerter On Demand is the basic level of membership. You purchase blocks of 30 or 100 SMART Alerts in advance for a large discount to the pay-per-alert price. 30 alerts should cover about 1 calendar month, but they never expire so if we go though a period of few alerts you will not lose out. On Demand users pay for each SMART Report individually and the current price is $4.99. You have access to the SMART Alert archive, the SMART Report Portfolio, and will receive email SMART Alerts as long as your alert balance is not zero. Top up your alert balance anytime by using the links on your "Settings" page.

What is TraderAlerter Elite?

TraderAlerter Elite is an annual subscription membership to TraderAlerter that gives you access to every SMART Alert, every SMART Report, all historical alerts and reports, and the SMART Report portfolio for one low annual payment rather than the "pay as you go" On Demand membership.
For more information on TraderAlerter Elite login to your TraderAlerter account and then go to the faq and click here

Does TraderAlerter have any Bitcoin analysis?

Yes, TraderAlerter has a detailed daily Bitcoin analysis available to subscribers who have a non-zero SMART Alert balance. Simply go to the "BTC" page to see the current buy, sell and hold levels for BTC in USD as well as a comprehensive chart of recent price action versus Gold and Equities.

What is TraderAlerter Elite?

TraderAlerter Elite is an annual subscription membership to TraderAlerter that gives you access to every SMART Alert, every SMART Report, all historical alerts and reports, and the SMART Report portfolio for one low annual payment rather than the "pay as you go" On Demand membership.

Who can I contact for more information or to get other questions answered?

Contact us at support@traderalerter.com for answers to any questions related to TraderAlert, SMART Alerts, SMART Reports, the SMART Report Portfolio, or anything to do with trading or investing in general. We love your questions!
Please remeber to whitelist traderalerter.com with your email provider so that you can receive the TraderAlerter emails we send.
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